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Portrait & studio photographers in the UK: 19th & early 20th Century

Channel Islands

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Jersey & Guernsey - from the earliest days to mid 20th century.

This information has been gathered from a variety of sources and will usually give a single entry for each photographer or studio summarising several sources with years of operation at each address. If your search has been unsuccessful just email us with your query and we will try to resolve it.

Records include: Alier, American Photo Company, American Portrait Art Co., Amet, Angel, Angell, Anthoine, Asplet & Green, Aubin & Murrow, Bailey, Bandoux, Barber, Barbet, Barnard, Bashford, Bashford & Mercier, Baudoux, Beaumois, Bennets, Bensa, Berger, Berger & Asplet, Bettell, Bienvenu, Billinghurst, Billinghurst & Downham, Billinghurst & Smith, Blondel, Bouillards, Bramley, Brown, Burman, Burnside, Caire, Clarke, Cluett, Cobdon, Collenette, Collie, Cook, Coombes, Coutanche, Cumber, Dages, Daly, Davey, Dawson, Deane, deBeer, deBeer & Lloyd, Delatour, Doublet, Dovey, Dubreuil, Duguey, Dumaresq, Dunham, Dunn, Eager, Ellis, Etasse, Eureka, Eureka Photographic Co., Falle, Foot, Frances, Garnier, Gayton, Gee, Godfray, Greatorex, Green, Gregory, Gregory & Eddy, Grut, Guerin, Guillon, Halkett Studio, Hamson, Hazart, Henry, Herival, Hicks, Hopkins, Hutchinson, Hutton, Hyams, Jacquet, Jacquiery, Jamouneau, Javelot, Javelot & Sarchet, Johnson, Jones, Kaines, Katz, Keane, Kilner, Knight, Koeppen, Lacolley, Langlois, LaSauce, Laurens, LeCordier, Leech, Lefeuvre, LePage, LeSueur, London Carbon Photographic Co., Maguire, Mansell, Marius, Marquand, Maubant, Mayhew, McKeown, Mercier, Mevius, Miraldi, Moore, Mullins, Myers, Ogier, Ouless, Peers, Picot, Poore, Price, Rae, Rattenbury, Roemhild, Rosiere, Sarchet, Seeney, Sharp, Simonton, Sinel, Singleton, Smith, Spencer, Stewart Villiers, Stonelake, Stroud, Swan, Sweetland, Taylor, Tibbles, Toovey, Toovey & Snow, Tynan, Valpied, Vandycke, Villiers, Wadsworth, Warner, Westness, Woodwards