Edwardian Ladies

Portrait & studio photographers in the UK: 19th & early 20th Century


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Dorset 1855, 1859, 1875, 1889, 1911, 1915

Records include: Abraham, Andrews, Ash, Austin, Barrett, Barrett & Son, Bateman, Bateson, Bealing, Belben, Bell, Billinghurst & Dovey, Bishop, Blake, Boswell, Brealey, Bridgeman, Bridle, Burnand, Butt, Cathery, Chaffin, Chaffin & Sons, Chant, Churchill, Clarke, Cole & Son, Cox, Dare, Debenham, Dee, Dennis, Dovey, Dunn, Edwards, Forsey, Geaks, Gee, George & Lee, Goodfellow, Green, Griffin, Grigg, Grimmett, Hallett, Hare, Harvey, Hewitt, Hill, Hodges, Hudson, Jarvis & Brealey, Johnson, King, London Portrait Co, Lydford, Mackenzie, Maloney, Maple, Martin, Mitchell, Nesbitt, Noad, ORourke, Pottle, Pouncy, Powell, Richards, Rogers, Seward, Shephard, Singleton, Smyth, Spicer, Thompson, Thorne, Thredder, Tilley, Tyler, Van Dyck Portrait Studio, Walden, Wallis, Walshams Ltd, Walter, Webb, Weeks & Gimblett, Welch, Wheeler, Wilkinson

Books and pamphlets:

  • Dorset 1855-1920 (Supplement to The PhotoHistorian )

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