Edwardian Ladies

Portrait & studio photographers in the UK: 19th & early 20th Century

London and Middlesex

Links to other sites:

  • Harrow 1860 - 1970 - Hills & Saunders, Harrow branch, 80,000 photographs of local people and schoolboys indexed by Alasdair Kirk and retrievable from the archive of plates and negatives.
  • photoLondon Database of 19th Century Photographers and Allied Trades in London 1841-1901

Books and pamphlets:

  • A directory of London photographers, 1841-1908 by Michael Pritchard
  • London Boroughs of Lewisham & Greenwich 1854-1939 (Supplement to The PhotoHistorian )
  • The photographers of Regent Street, London 1841-1901 (Supplement to The PhotoHistorian )

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